Unable to Login (Realty Connect Users)

Logging into your Realty Connect lead generation account varies by MLS and area.  In some areas, we offer a single-sign-on process through the MLS website (go to your MLS website and find Goomzee under products/tools).  If this is the case in your area and the link no longer exists or isn't working properly, please contact us through support@goomzee.com.  Please include the name of your MLS in the email.

If your MLS does not provide a single-sign-on process through their website, please go to goomzee.com and use the login button on the top right of the screen.  If you cannot login using your email address and your preferred password, please contact us through support@goomzee.com.  Please include your email address and password in the email.

Please feel free to call our office @ 406-542-9955, Mon.-Thurs., for additional help.

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