Promoting Open Houses Using "Additional Information" Field

When you have an upcoming open house to promote, you can add the details in the "additional info" box, within the Goomzee campaign.   When potential buyers text into your property code, they will see the open house details. 

1)  Open the "My Campaigns" tab. 


2)  To the right of the campaign, select the "edit" icon from the "actions" column. 


3)  Once the campaign opens, add the open house information to the "additional info" box.  For example, add "Open House Sunday, 1-3pm".  Once you save the campaign, future consumers will receive the information when the text in to the campaign.


NOTE:  If you would like past leads to receive the open house information, select "notify contacts" (underneath the gray preview box) and save.  Anyone who inquired within the last 30 days will receive a text message with the campaign information.

The "additional information" box is also a great place to add home features that might grab the attention of the potential buyer (ex. new hardwood floors; great views!).  Many agents add links to their website, or a property page, or a video, or a link to the MLS property search.

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