Generate Lead Activity Reports

You can generate reports for yourself or your sellers by using your "Dashboard" and "My Campaigns" tabs. 

Option 1:  At the bottom of the "Dashboard" screen you will see a chart reflecting your lead activity.  Enter a gcode to see specific lead information related to that gcode.

1)  Simply enter the gcode/property code in the field above the chart.  Once the gcode/address pops up above the field, click on the gcode to select it.


2)  Then select the time period for the report (example: leads over the last "1 month").


3)  Finally, you an either print or export the graph (PNG, JPG, PDF) using the icons above the right side of the graph:


Option 2:  Go to the campaign and download the inquiries.

1)  Open the "My Campaigns" tab and open a campaign.  Select the "inquiries" tab within the campaign to see leads.


2)  Either select specific leads, by clicking on the box to the left of the lead, or select all by choosing "export all".  Select "export selected" or "export all" at the bottom of the screen.


3)  When a new window open, you can choose to open the file or save at an Excel spreadsheet. 

Save it and you're ready to share the leads with your seller!

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