How Do I Create a Manual Campaign (Listing)?

Option 1:

1)  Click on "My Campaigns" then click the "Create Campaign"

2)   The campaign details page will open.  Enter information in all the fields that are yellow and have a red asterisk.  For the Gcode field, use the pulldown menu to make a selection. NOTE: If you have more than 20 Gcodes, you will have to enter the specific Gcode you wish to use vs. using a pulldown menu.


 3)  Click "Create" at the bottom of the page and you're finished.


Option 2

1)  Under the "My Campaigns" tab, click on "create campaign" from the first column -or- the action button in the righthand column.  To choose a specific code just look under the GCode column and click "create campaign" next to the GCode you would like to use.

2)  Proceed with the steps previously listed to complete the campaign assignment process.
* When creating a manual campaign the price will not automatically update as it is not linked to the MLS (only available in some markets).

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