Our exclusive auto-responder sends personal/customizable messages to the lead 5 minutes after they receive the property information and link to photos.  It invites further interaction, allowing buyers to respond or ask questions and you are notified immediately via email.  You provide the best customer service available, without doing any extra work, and your clients and buyers will love you for it!  

Setting up the Auto-Responder:

1)  From "Quick links", select "setup auto-responder".

2)  Check the "activate your auto-responder" box above the calendar

3)  On the calendar, tap the boxes to select your on-duty (green) and off-duty (red) times (tapping a box will change the color).

4)  Select your responses for on-duty and off-duty hours.  Use the pulldown arrow next to "templates", "custom on/off duty message" to select an example that can be modified.  Or, begin typing in the "message" box to create your own unique message.  Your on-duty message might reflect some urgency, "can I meet you to open up the house?".  Your off-duty message might include a link to your website and "I'll follow up with you tomorrow".

5)  Save.

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