Getting Started With LeadsByCell

Visit LeadsByCell at to learn more about our lead generation product.
- First time visiting the site, select "Try It For Free" then login by creating an account with your email or choosing another login option (ex. Facebook).
- If you've previously created an account, select "Log In" at the top right of screen

1)  Reserve a code (6-24 characters).  You could use your business name, your name, a code related to what you're selling (MYCAR, MEADOWHILLS, CARS4SALE):

2)  Create the promotion:

- Create the main info.  This needs to be information only and should not include a question.  For example, "Thank you for texting!  You have been registered to receive our digital newsletter."

- Optionally, create an "Auto Response".  This response gets sent to the consumer 5 minutes after the initial message. For example, "Visit to see our newest products.  Enter "25OFF" at checkout for discount."

- Create a "Subject":  For your eyes/reference only.

- Select how you would like to receive lead alert(s):  email, cell phone (text), and/or website.  You have a variety of options including sending alerts to more than one email address or cell phone.  For example,,, and 1-800-000-0000.  

3)  The first time you set up your account and reserve a code, you will be prompted to test your code.  This will simulate a text message.  The lead will display on your LBC dashboard, and send a lead alert to your phone, email or website, depending on how you've set up your lead alerts. You will also be prompted to agree with carrier compliance ("Msg & Data Rates May Apply" must be included anywhere you post your LBC text code.)

4) Setup billing to purchase your code for a year and then purchase lead credits:

You're finished!  Start promoting your code to generate leads!

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