Switching From Realty Connect to LeadsByCell

As we retire our original lead generation product, Realty Connect, we are transferring paid subscribers to our new product,  LeadsByCell (free, MLS-sponsored user info at the bottom of the page).  The transition is expected to take place before the end of June 2017.  You may have questions about the transition so we provided answers:

How do I login to LeadsByCell?  
- After your account is migrated to LeadsByCell, we will send login information.  You do NOT need to create a new account.
What will happen to my Realty Connect gcodes?
- Gcodes will automatically transfer to LeadsByCell.
What happens to my current subscription?
- Your current subscription will be honored until further notice.  
Will my MLS listings automatically display in my LeadsByCell account?
- No. The RETS data feed will no longer be used to import listings.  We've simplified the process of creating a campaign/promotion.  Enter any information in the text message, without required fields like bd/ba.
Will I save money using LeadsByCell vs. Realty Connect?
- Most customers are saving a significant amount over what they paid for Realty Connect.  Promoting all listings under one code is a great option that will save you the most money.
How do I buy new codes in LeadsByCell?
- Simply search for a new code (ex. YOURHOME) and reserve it. You will be prompted to purchase the code or to set up billing, if you haven't already, then make the purchase.
How many codes can I buy?
- Buy as many codes as you want!
How long will I be able to reserve my code(s)?
- 1 year at a time.  Once you purchase a code, you will own it for 1 year from the purchase date.  At the end of the year, you will have the option of renewing each code for another year.
What happens to my free MLS-sponsored gcodes?
- The system will recognize is you have actively been using your free, MLS-sponsored account and will transfer it.  Unused, free accounts will cease to exist, but we encourage you to login to LeadsByCell, create an account, and register any codes you have signs for.

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