Information Cut Off At The End of Goomzee Text Message

If your Goomzee campaign information exceeds 160 characters (max for a text message), the end of your message will be truncated.  For example, the phone number might display as "406-542-" instead of the full 10 digits.  This typically happens when information is "cut and pasted" in the "additional info" box within a campaign. 




The preview box turns red whenever you exceed 160 characters.  The number of characters exceeding the maximum amount (ex. 176/160) displays above the preview box.  To stay below 160 characters, simplify the information in "additional info" by abbreviating words and removing unnecessary words/punctuation.  Option:  remove information in unwanted fields to allow more room in the text message (ex. remove 4400 from "lot size" field). Click "save" to verify the campaign information doesn't exceed the limit and your campaign message will no longer be truncated.

Hint:  If you "cut and paste" information/remarks in the "additional info" field, the system may not recognize the number of characters added.  By selecting "create"/"save" instead of "create/save and go back" you can verify if you have 160 characters or less in your campaign.




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