Send A Text Message To Goomzee Property Code

The beauty of Goomzee's mobile marketing system is how easy it is to use for consumers.  If you are trying to reach the maximum number of potential buyers, you want to choose a technology they can all use with minimal learning curve.  Today, over 90% of consumers have text message plans with their cell phone provider and 100% of all cell phones manufactured include text messaging built-in.  Other technologies like Apps, and QR Codes still require additional steps, downloads, and sometimes training before a consumer can use them so they limit who can interact with your marketing.

Goomzee's text message Property Codes (GCodes) are reusable and via the Web Administration you can assign a code to your listing and it's ready for consumers to text.  Using a cell phone they create a New Text Message and in the recipient field (to:) they type 44133.  In the message body, they type your Goomzee Property Code and click Send - that's it!


As you can see in the example above, the potential buyer would see a sign rider that prompts them to send a text message to 44133 and in the message body they type in this example Goomzee Property Code 10054.  Within seconds, the Goomzee system sends them a response message with related property information, meanwhile recording a lead and alerting you however you prefer.

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