Assign Your Listings To Goomzee Property Codes

If your MLS participates, your listings will be visible in the My Listings tab and you can select a listing and assign a code to it within seconds.  You can customize your mobile listing if you like, but the basic steps can be performed with ease.  See below for step-by-step instructions for selecting a listing, code, and creating your mobile marketing campaigns.


Select a listing and click Publish.  Listings you have already assigned will be indicated with the green Published button as indicated.  You can reuse your Goomzee Property Codes and reassign them to new listings in a couple clicks - then just move your signs to your new property.



You are assigned Goomzee Property Codes (GCodes) when your account is created.  As noted in step 3, you select one of your codes and then in step 4, click Create.  Goomzee automatically generates your photo tour, QR code, text message campaign within seconds and you don't have to type in anything.  You do have the ability to customize your mobile listings if you choose, and a Preview screen appears to the right to show you how the listing will appear on cell phones.

Congratulations!  You have successfully built a mobile listing with Goomzee.  Enjoy your high-quality leads!

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