Lead Follow-Up

Various options exist when it comes to following up with a lead alert.  You can set up your account to receive lead alerts via email and text (see "My Account", "Alerts").

1)  Call after receiving the lead alert.  Contact them right away, as they may be standing in front of the property.  Offer to meet with them to look at the inside of the house or setup a showing.

2)  Call a few days after the inquiry.  One of our clients who has had a lot of success, used to follow up immediately after receiving a lead alert.  The lead rarely answered the call.  He discovered he had more success when he followed up a day or two later (his Goomzee "auto responder" kept the lead warm). He found out the lead had done research on the property and similar listings and was 80% more likely to pick up his call!

3)  Text instead of calling.  Agents have reported texting as an effective way to get a response from the consumer. You can respond to their text message immediately after receiving the lead alert or after the auto-response gets delivered. They might not be interested in the property they initially text into, but they may be interested in learning more about similar properties.  NOTE:  If you send a text to the lead, after the lead alert but before the auto-responder message gets sent, the consumer will not receive the auto-response.  If the consumer texts you first, you will only receive the alert via email.

4)  Connect on social media.  Social media has become a valuable tool for agents. Include a link to your Facebook page in your Goomzee campaign (add to "additional info" box) or auto-responder. They become a follower (hopefully) and you can deliver information to them without being invasive. Find out which posts they're "liking" to gain valuable information about their needs/wants. The same can be done with Twitter or other forms social media. Post specific information related to what they are "liking" (ex. "For those buyers looking for houses in XYZ neighborhood under $200K, take a look at these!").

These are just a few suggestions, based off of agent feedback.  Add a comment if you've found success in another way. 

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