Restrictions: Max Inquiries



When you assign a listing to a gcode you will notice there are restrictions on inquiries.  The system defaults to 100 max inquiries for the life of the campaign and 2 max inquiries per contact.

Max Inquiries:  this is the maximum number of inquiries on your listing for as long as it's active.  If you expect to receive more than 100 inquiries throughout the life of the listing campaign, increase the number.

Max Inquiries Per Contact:  this is the maximum number of times an individual can text into the campaign to receive listing information.  If a teenager, for example, stands in front of the sign and texts in repeatedly for "fun", you may end up with 12 inquiries from this person.   This is where setting a limit makes sense.  If the maximum is set to 2, someone texting the code will not receive property information on the 3rd try.  Most consumers text once and then share the information with others vs texting the code repeatedly.

NOTE:  As an agent, you may want to text into your campaigns once in awhile to share the information with others.  In this case, you may want to increase the max number of inquiries per contact so you always receive the listing information.

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