Promoting Your Listings (Placing Sign Riders)

Whether you use Goomzee's standard sign riders or your own custom signs, our customers have reported success by trying different sign placement strategies.  Typically when a listing first goes on the market, you experience the highest lead activity, and then the "locals" pay less attention to the listing and traffic slows.  One strategy professionals have used for decades is the Open House concept, which draws attention to the listing and allows potential buyers a no-risk way to "window shop", literally.

In our experience, your mobile listings are very similar.  If you place a sign rider attached to your main sign, typically the "locals" will soon fail to notice it and lead traffic declines.  Here are a few suggestions and tips we've heard from agents who've been very successful in capturing and converting Goomzee mobile leads you may want to try:

  1. Place your sign away from the main yard sign on the 2-wire step stakes.  This forces the passer-by to notice and can increase interactivity.
  2. Print your Goomzee Property Code on a poster and place inside the window.  Many people "peek in" to view a listing so you can increase usage.
  3. Hand-write your Goomzee Property Code on a larger sign blank (if neighborhood/broker allows).  Agents report increase in response to this low-tech approach.
  4. Test different promotional incentives on signs/flyers: (For instant pricing and photos!  Take this listing with you!  Peek inside using your phone!)
  5. Print a large cell phone screen with the To: 44133 and Msg: (your Goomzee code) and tape inside the flyer box.
  6. Try a different sign color with high-contrast text (if neighborhood/broker allows).
  7. Attach your rider up high, preferably on the cross pillar of sign (instead of hanging below main sign).

We hope these tips are helpful, but invite you to add more tips that have worked for you so we can help other agents get the most out of their Goomzee account.  As we hear more from agents, we'll share even more tips with you as well.  Thank you and Happy Selling!

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