Mobile App: Contact Info. Incorrect

If your contact information is incorrect in the Goomzee mobile app, please contact us at and provide the following information:

1)  Your name, MLS, and agent ID

2)  Where in the app you're seeing the wrong contact information.  For example:

- "Presented By" section (in listing detail)

- When selecting "Share Listing" from "Contact" in "Presented By" section

- "Request Information" section (in listing detail)

- "Agent Roster"

3)  Old info that needs to be corrected.  For example:  old agency name, email, and phone #.

4)  New info to replace wrong info.  For example:  new agency name, email, and phone #.

NOTE:  If your photo/headshot doesn't display in the app, please let us know and attach your photo to your email.

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