LeadsByCell, New Lead Generation Site, Has Launched!

LeadsByCell (LBC), our new lead generation product, has launched!  Users can now create a "vanity" code vs. using a pre-generated, numerical code.  It's affordable, easy to use, and personalized!  Begin using LBC in 3 easy steps:

Realtor can now use 1 code to promote all of your properties (or use individual codes)!  Leads can be directed to phone (text), email, or your website.  Visit LeadsByCell today, reserve your personalized promo code(s) (before someone else does!), and enjoy it for 2 days free!

LBC is designed to be used in any industry!  Whether you're trying to get leads on a property, want to add customers to your newsletter, need volunteers, selling an item (ex. car) or a service (ex. lawn mowing), this product is the answer!   leadsbycell.com


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