LeadsByCell: Creating a Promotion

When you're ready to sell a product or service with LeadsByCell, you must first create a promotion.  A promotion includes the content that will be sent to the consumer and how you wish to receive your lead alerts. 

1)  From the dashboard, click "Create It Now!" and a blank promotion will open. 

2)  Use the pulldown arrow to select an active promo code, fill in the pertinent information and save.  That's it!

Main Info:  This is what the consumer receives when they text your promo code.

Auto Response:  This optional, follow-up message gets sent to the consumer 5 minutes after they receive the Main Info.  It's a great way to provide additional information.  For example, "Thank you for registering to win a new scooter!  Winner announced 10/5!"

Subject:  This is for your eyes only.  You will see the subject when you receive lead alerts and it will also display on your timeline.  It will not be seen by the consumer.  Using the example below, the subject line might be "Area Code 406".  When the you receive a lead alert notification, the notification will include "Area Code 406" as a quick reference.

Lead Alerts: You can choose to have lead alerts sent to your cell phone (SMS/text) or email, or multiples of one or the other.  For example, you may choose to send lead alerts to 2 different email addresses and 1 cell #.  Or you may choose to have lead aletss sent to your email and 2 separate cell #'s.  Or you may choose to have them sent to your email only. 

Preview:  As you're typing, you will see a preview of the text message.

Save Changes!  You can access your promotions on the dashboard under "Promotions" (see snapshot of pulldown menu above).

The following video illustrates the process of reserving a code, creating a promotion and testing the code:  https://vimeo.com/201186205 .

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