LeadsByCell: My Account

Click on the pulldown arrow, next to the head-and-shoulders icon at the top of your account to access your profile, credits, promo codes, billing and to sign out.

Profile:   Edit name, email, etc.

Credits:  View, manage, and add lead notification credits.  Take advantage of auto-top up so you never run out of lead notification credits.

Promo Codes:  Add/purchase new promo codes, suspend (cancel) existing codes, renew codes for another year, view history of promo code purchases, .

NOTE:  To assign a promo codes to a product/listing/service, please return to the dashboard and choose "Promo Codes" from the pulldown above the area where a new code can be searched for and reserved.

Billing:  Add/manage credit card information.  Billing setup required for the purchase codes and credits.

NOTE:  REALTY CONNECT USERS who were automatically transferred to LeadsByCell...  you will retain your billing fees/schedule as before and will only use billing in your LeadsByCell account to purchase NEW codes (2 separate billing systems).

Sign Out: Logout of your account.

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