Routing Leads Alerts to Various Individuals on Different Days

A broker would like to be able to route leads to different agents on different days.

Recommendation:  Within your LeadsByCell promotions, set your email address as the lead alert recipient. All lead alerts will go to your email, but you can route emails to a different email address using filters.  As an option, you could create a group then choose specific recipients or send lead alerts to the entire group.

In Gmail*, the following link provides information on creating email filters and designating a recipient: . 

1)  filter your current email by key words (ex. "lead alerts") until you find the email you wish to forward in the future

2)  select "create a filter"

3)  add a recipient's email in the designated field (ex. the agent you would like to send emails to).   Change the recipient as often as necessary to meet your needs.

*Please refer to your Gmail account, or other email provider, for detailed instructions on routing email.

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