Why Are Boise, Idaho Listings Displaying?

If you only see Boise, Idaho listings and you are not associated with that area, you are in the "demo" mode of our app.  To exit the demo, go to the menu icon at the top right and then select "Exit Demo".



NOTE - If your MLS is associated with our app and you're seeing Boise listings.  if you've viewed the demo at some point and then logged in with your MLS credentials later on, your phone may have cached the Boise listings. We recommend going to your device settings, find Goomzee and look at the GPS Override.  It should display "My Current Location". Scroll down to "default feed". If the feed displays as Boise, tap and update to your location.


For more information about the "Demo" mode:  http://support.goomzee.com/entries/67350024-Demo-Mode

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