Gray Login Screen, No Option to Login

When you launch the app, you will see an introduction screen with "login" and "demo" at the bottom.   Tap login.  

-----  IMPORTANT:  if the login/demo buttons do not display at the bottom of the screen, close the app and enable your GPS/location detection. ------

photo 1(5).PNG


If you see a GRAY SCREEN after selecting login, try the steps below.




1)  Make sure you are using the most updated version of our app (iPhone users: tap menu, then "help" and the version will display in the upper lefthand corner; Android users:  open the app store, from which you downloaded the app, tap to see details and scroll down to see version).  The latest version of our app is displayed on the home page of our support center.

2)  Your phone must be updated to the latest operating system/version (ex. iOS 8).  (There are known issues with iOS 7 and the gray screen.  Engineers are working on a solution.)

3)  Make sure you've enabled GPS/location detection on your phone.

4)  Finally, make sure the app is no longer running in the background (IPhone users:  double tap your home screen then swipe off apps; Android phone users: tap the recent apps button Android_RecentAppsButton.JPG to access apps running in background or refer to your owner's manual). 

5)  Launch the app again, agree to location detection prompts, and you will be able to successfully login and begin your property search. 


If these options do not resolve the issue, please send us a support email: .  Thank you.


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