Mobile App Unable to Find My MLS -OR- Using App Outside of My Area

If our mobile search app isn't offered in your area, it will likely display a "demo" version of the app. 

If the app is offered in your area but cannot locate your MLS, please make sure location detection (GPS) is on.

If your MLS provides our app but you are using it outside of the MLS area (ex. you reside in California but you're trying to use it in Seattle), you may run into a similar location detection problem.  In this case, try one of the following options:

  • iPhone:  find Goomzee in your apps and select the default location as the area where your MLS is located (ex. Oakland, CA).  Launch app and login with your MLS credentials.
  • Android: Launch app.  Select "Sign In" then "Change Location" (above the "Presented By" section at the bottom on the screen).  Tap the "GPS Override" section and select your MLS.  Tap "ok" when prompted.  Launch app and login with your MLS credentials.

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