Login Issues: Clear Cache & Cookies on iPad

It is recommended from time to time, that you clear your cookies and cache (temporary file storage) on your devices.  This can speed up your browsing experience, and also solve "weird" stuff that happens from time to time if partial code is loaded for a web page.  Given that network speed varies, sometimes a page could be cached but only partially downloaded and cause problems with functionality.  Below are the steps to clear your iPad cache and cookies, although some screens may vary slightly by manufacturer.


1)  Select "Settings"

2)  Select "Safari"

3)  On the righthand side of screen, locate "Clear History"

4)  Select desired button and when confirmation window appears, select "Clear".


See more at: http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/5729/ipad-how-to-clear-safaris-cache-history-andor-cookies/#sthash.HQCX8CFQ.dpuf

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