Trouble logging in with my MLS credentials

The most common question we receive is how to get logged in.  Please visit the "Getting Started" articles for your specific device first.  We have included the most common troubleshooting solutions for you below:

  1. You have enabled GPS on your device, and enabled it for Goomzee app
  2. Your network connection is working
  3. You entered your login credentials exactly as the MLS requires (remember CASE sensitive)
  4. Your browser has Javascript, and cookies enabled (login page redirects to app and cookie required)
  5. You are on the latest version of the app. View app in app store, select "update" if option exists, to ensure you are using latest version.
  6. You have an active account in your MLS, in good standing.

We have been able to solve every login question by confirming these checks above.  Please be sure to check these common solutions.  Also know that we at Goomzee do not store your MLS login credentials, we merely authenticate your login against the MLS, so we cannot confirm your username/password.  Each MLS has different security solution so please verify your login credentials with your MLS support staff if you do not remember your login.

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