How Goomzee Service Works (Text Message Marketing)

Goomzee is so easy to use, it really requires no training.  That said, we have packed the system with features specifically designed to increase your chances of lead conversion while automating the not-so-fun tasks of typical sales and marketing.  Currently, you will need to assign your Goomzee Property Codes (which are automatically generated for you, and reusable) to your listings, and then promote those codes somehow.  The most common promotion for curbside marketing is the sign rider.  See the steps below on how the Goomzee system works and know that our team is here to help you every step of the way.


Simply follow the steps below to text into one of your campaigns:

1) Open a new text message on your phone

2) In the "to" section of the text, enter 44133 (instead of a phone #)

3) In the body of the text message, enter the gcode you assigned to a listing

4) Send!

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