Android Phone App Store Download and Agent Login

App Store Download

To get the app, visit the Google Play store and search for "Goomzee MLS" app and install.


Android Phone: OS 2.3 - 4.4.x are supported.


Agent Login

  1. After launching the app you are greeted with "Goomzee Mobile MLS" intro screen.  Tap on the "Login" at the bottom of the screen to reveal login options.
  • NOTE:  if the "Login" button doesn't display at the bottom of the screen, see the following troubleshooting topic:
  1. Tap "Agent Login".
  2. Enter your MLS credentials (remember CaSE sensitive) and submit.
  3. The login site should relaunch the app and you are now authenticated as an agent.
  4. Congratulations, you may now view agent-only MLS listing information and tools.

photo 1(5).jpg     MobileApp_iPhone_AgentLogin.jpg

Tip:  If you downloaded the app and later didn't getting notified of new release, please delete the app and upload the latest version.  (See our home page for the latest version of the app.)


Quick Search: At the top of the screen there is a quick search feature allowing you to type Address, MLS#, or Zip and will return closest match results.  When searching by address, it features "fuzzy match" like a search engine so even if you mistype street suffixes, etc. results should appear.  If searching by zip code, enter the entire zip code.  TIP:  after entering the Address, MLS#, or Zip in the search bar, tap the magnifying glass on your phone keyboard to retrieve results.

Criteria Search: By tapping the menu icon (top right), select "search" and choose from a variety of options. 

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