iPhone App Store Download and Agent Login

Download App

To get the app, visit your app store and tap the "Search" magnifying glass icon and search "Goomzee". 

App Store Link:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/goomzee/id635592232?ls=1&mt=8

NOTE:  We do not support iOS 6 or earlier versions.


After downloading and opening the app, you will see 2 login options:  "Login" or "Demo". 

--  If you are prompted to "Allow Goomzee to access your location...", select "Allow".  GPS must be enabled on your phone. 

--  If you are prompted to "Turn on Location Services", follow instructions to adjust phone settings.



Agent Login (phone)

  1. After launching the app, you will see an introduction you can scroll through.  Tap "Login".  NOTE:  Your MLS logo will display at the bottom of the screen.  "Demo" option:  displays samples of Boise, ID listings only and is great way to explore the app if it isn't offered by your MLS. 
  2. Tap "Agent Login", then tap "login now".
  3. Enter your MLS credentials (Remember CASE sensitive) and submit.  You will be redirected back to the app and see the welcome screen which greets you by name.
  4. Congratulations, you are now authorized to view agent-only data from your MLS.


MobileApp_iPhone_AgentLogin.jpg         MobileApp_iPhone_LoginNow.jpg


 Searching And Viewing Listings


Quick Search: You can search in the application in several ways.  On top of the screen is a "Quick Search" bar where you can type in address, MLS#, or zip code (type full MLS# or zipcode).  This will display results as a list of most relevant listings and includes "fuzzy search" so if you mistype street suffix it may still show up.



Search Menu:  Tap the menu icon at top right of navigation bar and it will slide to the right to reveal options.  Tap "search" to see pre-configured searches like Nearby, Just Listed, Open House, or tap on the "Criteria Search" to select more options.







                             (Search Options)                                                                                 (Criteria Search Options)

MobileApp_Iphone_Search_Criteria.jpg             MobileApp_Search_Criteria.PNG



Customizing Search Results

At the bottom of the screen is a slide-up menu that includes options to customize search results like "Map View", "Gallery View", "List View", and sort and filter options.  You may also like "Draw Mode" when on "Map View" to draw an area on the map to filter results.



Additional Listing Information

When viewing listing detail, the slide-up menu at the bottom includes "Neighborhood", "Comp", "Tax", "Calculator", "Directions" and depending on your market configuration, some additional integrations.



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