Searching For Sold Listings

A variety of search options exist for SOLD listings.  You can use the criteria search or the lasso/draw.

NOTE:  Sold (last modified) listings will display from the last 3 years.


To find sold listings using the "criteria" search option:


1)  Select "Criteria" search from the menu

2)  Set "Status" to "Sold" (or similar options for your market) and select "Set"

3)  If available in your market, select a "Date" range (ex. find under "Additional") and select "Set"

4)  Set other preferred criteria

5)  Select "Search" (top right)

6)  View results on the map, grid, or list view.  Sold listings display as red property pins on the map.


Status_Sold.jpg              Dates.jpg              sold_dates.jpg

      (Status = sold)                   (Dates = range of sold dates)        (Dates = select then "Set")


-- NOTE:  if you designate other another status along with "sold", and then select "dates" option, you will only retrieve sold data. --


When you want to search for sold listings in a specific area on the map, you can use the lasso/draw option. 


1)  Zoom into a select area, tap "Draw", circle the area/neighborhood, tap "Apply", then tap "Refine".  Pins will display in lasso'd area only.



                                   (iPad display)


 2) Tap "Status", then tap "Sold" from the status options (check or uncheck any status to include/exclude).  Tap "Set" then "Search".


status_cropped.png           Status_sold_cropped.png        



3)  The map will display red property pins, indicating sold properties.  Tap on a map pin to see a quick preview, then tap on preview to see listing details. Also, you can choose "Gallery" or "List" view to see an overview of property information. 





OPTION:  Use "Criteria" search and "Area" to select a specific area (example:  Reno-Southwest or Reno-North). 


1)  Tap "Search" then "Criteria"

2)  Scroll down to "Location", select "Area" and tap area.  Once the area options display, select the area and then tap "Set" (Use "Clear" option at top of screen to clear area criteria). 


Area_cropped.png      MobileApp_Ipad_Area.PNG


 3)  Tap "Status" (from "Options"), select "Sold", and then tap "Search".  Results will display on map as red property pins.



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