Invite Clients to Search (Share App)

The "Share App" features allows agents to invite clients to use the app to search for properties (public-only information), and listings stay branded to that agent.

NOTE:  "Share App" isn't available in all markets.

1)  After logging into the app, select the menu icon Menu Icon.JPG from the top right of your screen.  Tap "My Account" then "Share App".

Menu_My_Acct.png    ShareApp.PNG

2)  The app allows you to "Invite All", invite an existing contact(s) from list (tap on the box to the right of contact), or "create contact" (create and save).  Once you've selected the recipient(s), tap "invite" at the top right. 

The client will receive an email with an invitation code.  Once they launch the app and tap "Login", they need to enter the invite code in the "Have an Invite Code?" section.  Clients can view public-only information and listings will stay branded to the agent that shared the app.


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