Property Taxes/Legal Description/Assessed Value

When you want to look at tax information or the assessed value of a property, simply follow the steps below:

1)  When looking at the listing detail, tap on the menu at the bottom of the screen and select the tax button:

 -- IPHONE users: pull up the menu from the bottom of the screen, tap more, then tap tax:


IMG_0115.PNG                  IMG_0116.PNG


-- ANDROID users:  tap the more Android_More_Icon.png icon at the bottom right of the screen, then tap tax:




2)  Once the "Public/Tax" page displays you can tap the icon in the upper right corner Icon_Tax.jpg  to see the "Assessed Value".  Tap Icon_Public_Tax_or_Assessor.png to go back to the "Public/Tax" page.  Tap the back icon at the top left to go back to the listing detail.


Tax.PNG        MobileApp_PublicTaxInfo.jpg


NOTE:  The legal description displays above the "property summary" on the "Public/Tax" page.

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