Ipad: Saving Listings & Searches

When using an iPad, you can save an individual listing or an entire search. 


Save individual listing:  when viewing an individual listing (listing detail), select "save" from the top of the screen:




-- To save the listing to an existing cart:  tap on the cart of your choice and select "done".





-- Or create a new cart by selecting "add new cart":

     -- Type new cart name, select "create", then scroll down and tap on cart.  Select "done".





NOTE:  To view saved listing, go to cart and select the cart featuring your listing.





Saving Searches:  select "save search" from the top of the screen.  Enter a name for the saved search and select "ok". 




  -- To access saved searches, tap on the "search" (bottom left) and select "saved searches":




  -- Tap on a saved search to open it.




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