Quick Search Best Practices (enter street name and number)

We had some reports that Address Search was not working and learned that users were trying to search just by typing in the street number but no actual address or street name.  Our Quick Search (search bar at top) supports 3 search modes and based on user input has to figure out what mode it is.

MLS# search:  Enter entire MLS #  (separate multiple MLS's by commas)
a93x 8302 m932 = invalid  (will assume this is an address)

Zip search:  Enter 5 numeric digits and no other words
59801 = valid

Address search (if not one of above, assumption is address search)
1234 = invalid  (assumes MLS # because no other words)
12345 = invalid (assumes Zip code because 5 digits and no other words)
ab913 = invalid (assumes MLS# because no other words and has non-digits even though 5 chars)
1234 Mary = valid
1234 Mary, 59801 = valid
1234 Mary, Polson, MT = preferred

Fuzzy search:  The address you're searching for may have been entered in the MLS as 123 Main Street, but "street" can be entered as "St" or "Street".  In other words, you do not have to search by the exact way it was entered in the MLS. 

In the future we may add fallback searches if no matches but that may confuse user if guess is completely wrong.  Your best bet is to input enough information to safely know what type of search you're trying and then results can be found.

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