How to Share Listings With Your Clients

If you want to share a listing from the Goomzee mobile search app, start by opening a listing to view the details.


1)  When viewing the listing detail, select "contact" next to the agent's information ("Presented By" section).

        Screenshot_2015-12-07-10-23-42.png            IMG_0213.PNG      App_iPad_Contact_Options.jpg

             (iPhone image)                                         (iPad w/ "Contact" in upper right corner)



2)  Then select "share listing", enter an email address in the "send to" field, and tap "submit".   If you use an iOS device, you can tap the head/shoulders icon next to the "send to" field and select a contact from your saved contacts.

     Screenshot_2015-12-07-10-23-45.png     GoomzeeMobileApp_iPad_Option_ShareListing2_cropeed.png  GoomzeeMobileApp_iPad_Option_ShareListing3_cropped.png

              (iPhone image)                          (iPad image)



3)  Confirm you want to share the listing and then select "ok".  Your client will receive an email with a link to view the property page.

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